A Quiet Wave Goodbye to 2013 in Second Life

Annwn Willows (moderate)

I wanted a quiet, peaceful location for my final musings of 2013 because that’s how I feel. Ziki posted the other day that Annwn Willows has gone through a transformation and it seemed like the perfect time to visit.

This is still one of the most beautiful sims on the grid. I’m only showing you some of the surface sights, you’ll find more underwater and high in the air. If you’re like me you’ll also find yourself birdwatching.:)

Annwn Willows (moderate)

I won’t list all the things seen and done in Second Life over the past 12 months, other bloggers will do a much better job of that.

When I reflect on the year I can say that my experience was actually very positive. I say that with some surprise as I seem to have spent most of the first half venting about a variety of topics. It was a conscious decision not to be so annoyed/irritated/angered all the time. It’s too exhausting. :)

Annwn Willows (moderate)

I made some other, sometimes very tough but ultimately rewarding, decisions this year. Clearing out the clutter in your life includes walking away from drama & bullshit & power games. Second Life should not be full of angst – at least mine shouldn’t.

One highlight I’ve not mentioned on these pages occurred in October. The “Son I’ll Never Have” made me a virtual grandmother in real life. His little girl will grow up with wonderful parents and her Dad will be punished for his SL behaviour by having to fend off her admirers. There’s also a Tiny tiger running around who should be flattered that somewhere in Belgium is a baby girl named “Bo”.

Annwn Willows (moderate)

I’ve ended the year with a friends list full of people I’ve cared about for a long time. It also has some newer names who will remain important to me long into the future. Upon reflection, that’s what really matters.

There are plans in place for my virtual life in 2014 – I’ll tell you about a big one tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m going to chat with this guy and try to find out his story.

Happy New Year to you all! Join me tonight in remembering those who are no longer part of at least one of our lives. Lift your glasses and share a toast “To Absent Friends”. I’ll see you on the other side of midnight. :)

Annwn Willows (moderate)
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  1. What a lovely post Honour. It’s full of promise and hope for the coming year.

    Thank you for the hard work that goes into all of your blog posts. And for caring enough about SL to share it with hundreds of people that you have never met – you do it with grace and wit and a great deal of style.

    I send my best wishes to you and yours for a happy and peaceful 2014. x

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