Art & Deadlines & Second Life

Fisicofollia by Giovanna Cerise (general)

One of the things I love about Second Life is the opportunity to experience genres that are totally outside of my normal experience. Today I’ll take a break from snowscapes and pretty and share an exhibit which owes a lot to those wacky Italian Futurists.

The Futurist movement was an early 20th Century phenomenon – it glorified “contemporary concepts of the future”, but it did so with tension and movement.

Fisicofollia by Giovanna Cerise (general)

These artists also emphasized the involvement of their audience and Giovanna Cerise’s installation does that in an intriguing way. She has created layers of textures and shapes that move and change as you explore the sim. Just turning around and looking behind from where you came will confound you.

It’s not a romantic/hot chocolate next to the fireplace kind of experience – but we all need a little spice to go along with the sugar.

Fisicofollia by Giovanna Cerise (general)

I refer to deadlines in the title of this post for a few reasons. The first is that this exhibit will close on Tuesday, December 31st. It is part of the monthly Full Sim Art Series on LEA6 presented by the University of Western Australia.

Coincidentally, Tuesday is also the last day to visit the current round of Artist in Resident Grants on the 20 LEA sims devoted to those 5 month residencies. The next round of grants will be awarded in January and the artists will start building on February 1st. Get over there while you can and explore – there are some very cool installations!

Fisicofollia by Giovanna Cerise (general)

Tomorrow, December 30th, is the last day to submit your application for the next round of Grants.  If you haven’t done so yet I strongly encourage you to apply – it’s not a scary or intimidating process and the opportunity to have a full sim to play with is huge.  There is a lot of information on the blog, just follow the link I gave you and read through it. If you have any questions please ping one of the Committee members and ask them for help.

Then take a break from all that snow and candy and go visit some of the builds ….. before they disappear into the aether. :)

Fisicofollia by Giovanna Cerise (general)
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