Surfacing from a Coma in Second Life

Guana Cay (moderate)

I’ve eaten all the things. Well, at least, all the different types of things I know will result in the consequences to be expected from ingesting foods to which I am intolerant. I do this every year, and every year I swear it’s the last time.

Guana Cay (moderate)

To take my mind off of this misery, and to temporarily avoid the complaints from cats who think their canine cousins should just go home, and the canine cousins who aren’t where they want to be anyway, I went to see Guana Cay in its winter finery.

Guana Cay (moderate)

I saw one of our well-known exports and had a brief chat. A great Canadian secret is that we love them even if they’re loud and messy and trouble-making. In fact that’s why we love them – they do all that obnoxious behaviour we’re sometimes inclined to indulge in (on our behalf) and we get to maintain our reputation for being polite and self-deprecating.

Guana Cay (moderate)

I’m going to go find a book and pretend to read it while I submit to the food coma. You should check out the changes on Guana Cay.  Just don’t go visit on a Monday – they close one day each week for privacy. Do though say Hi! to the Canada Goose – they’re really very friendly. :)

Guana Cay (moderate)
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  1. Surfacing from a Coma in Second Life | Second L...
  2. Surfacing from a Coma in Second Life | Second L...

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