A Letter to Santa from Second Life

Space Pirates on Hakone (general)

Dear Santa: I realize you’re a little busy right now, and you are recovering from that teensy hangover you got after dancing around the Festivus Pole with the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but I’d appreciate a small favour.

Space Pirates on Hakone (general)

I know I should probably ask for something like World Peace, but why waste my wish on something impossible? Valium in much of the earth’s water supply could help, however I suspect you’d wind up on some Terror Watch List and you’d never get anything delivered.

Space Pirates on Hakone (general)

I’d ask for something which would benefit all of Second Life if I hadn’t gotten lost on my way to visit you inworld. I have a fairly major personal problem I need you to help me solve.

Space Pirates on Hakone (general)

It seems I’m not the only one who found themselves in a town of Space Pirates. So, Darling Santa, if you would please …. help me learn to speak Dragon. It’s kind of urgent!

Space Pirates on Hakone (general)
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  1. Oooooooh house of junky and shiny and rusty… want!


  2. Cute! – have a merry wootmas!

  1. A Letter to Santa from Second Life | Second Lif...
  2. A Letter to Santa from Second Life | Second Lif...

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