Seasonal Madness in Second Life

Mad City Christmas (moderate)

We’re getting into the crazy-last-minute-preparations part of the season and I’m experiencing my usual pile of lists, self-indulgence, and creeping guilt. I addressed all of it head-on by running away to visit the Mad City Christmas.

Mad City Christmas (moderate)

In reverse order, the guilt comes from enjoying the beautiful cards I am receiving inworld and knowing that I haven’t done one this year. I keep meaning to – and I might be able to create one, possibly, perhaps. If you’re reading this, and you’ve sent me one, thank you – there’s a virtual beauty of a card expressing my appreciation for your friendship somewhere in my pixelated brain.

Mad City Christmas (moderate)

My self-indulgence resulted in a new home. I love it! I’ll share some photos before the end of the year just so I can praise the creators who made my new living space possible. Damn, there are some talented people on the grid – but you knew that.

One of my lists is called Decisions – it’s a series of bullet points intended to remind me to address potential issues before they occur. For example, there are gifts under the tree for my 4-legged children. However, they’re going to have guests for the next few days.

Mad City Christmas (moderate)

I’ve been trying to figure out how my kids open their presents and then convince the visiting canines that these toys are only for the residents of this household. It was hard enough wrapping the new cool stuff (because I want to play with them!), I don’t want to have them walk out the front door with a cute dog who decides to keep something for him/herself.

So, we’re going to have two Christmases. The kids and I will have a separate one around the 27th. I don’t think they’ll mind. They can share their good fortune the next time their cousins come to visit. By then they’ll be tired of the new toys anyway. :)

Mad City Christmas (moderate)
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  1. Dear Honour ………………….. I think you give us all a ‘card’ every day of the year with your wonderful pictures, your wit and your wisdoms.

    I wish you every possible pleasure of the season – long may you continue to share your love of SL with us all – thank you :)
    B x

  2. Then I am not the only one who hasn’t created a Christmas card this year. And not the only one who has been feeling guilty about it.

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