Save an Elephant for Christmas in Second Life

Save the Elephants Event (moderate)

I have to start by admitting one of my weaknesses – I cannot deal with “animals in jeopardy”. I am incapable of watching or reading news items, listening to stories, or finishing a book/movie where this is discussed. I will have nightmares if I’m forced to do any of those things.

I do support all the efforts to combat cruelty or rescue victims I can. If I win the lottery I’ll wind up living with far more of them than I do now.

Save the Elephants Event (moderate)

Eliza Wierwight is a much better person than I. She is able to confront a tragic situation, investigate the horror and then do something about it. You can read the genesis of, and important details about, her Save the Elephants project here, and this weekend you will be able to learn more, enjoy a fabulous concert, and contribute to the effort.

Save the Elephants Event (moderate)

The Save the Elephants Event will open tomorrow, December 21, and it includes photographs by Lek Chailert, the founder of the Save the Elephant Foundation. Some of the information presented is ugly, but there is hope and sunlight.

All of the money raised, 100%, goes to the Foundation. If you can’t make the event you can donate at Eliza’s home sim Patron.

Patron (moderate)

I’ve given you just a taste of the installation in these photos so it seems appropriate that I give you a taste of the special concert. One of the many things Eliza and I found we had in common when we met years ago, was a true appreciation for Joaquin Gustav. I love his latin numbers – not surprisingly, he is from Argentina – but he’s known for romance and jazz and world music.

Joaquin volunteered to do a benefit concert when he heard about Eliza’s project. Tomorrow morning at 11:30 you’ll be able to support the efforts and listen to his fabulous sound. This seemed like a seasonally apt example to share, two pieces from his Christmas Album. I plan to be in the audience, and to donate what I can. I just won’t be able to look at all of the pictures.

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  1. Save an elephant? But I don’t have any room left in the fridge after saving that whale.


  2. Honour,
    We were unable to attend the event, but are grateful to you for posting about it. We must all do what we can to address environmental issues including the loss of endangered species. Suitable habitats are vital for all living things and we can all do something to make a difference. Supporting these kinds of efforts can be an important part of that.
    Thank you! (And happy holidays!)

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