A Very Secret Military Exercise in Second Life

Derailed (moderate)

I can finally share with you some really exciting news. (yay!) For years those of us familiar with Second Life have been promoting not only the wonders of a virtual world built from our imagination, but also the myriad of real world applications that we feel business and government should recognize.

A proof of concept test exercise has just been completed which involved a joint Canadian/American cooperative venture known as NORAD.

Derailed (moderate)

If you live somewhere other than North America you won’t be familiar with this military organization, so a brief history is probably appropriate. NORAD was formed during the early stages of the Cold War and is one of the remnants of that era’s heightened paranoia.

The principle is very straight forward. It became obvious, to those brilliant minds who worry about things like this, that the most efficient way for the bad guys to bomb the US was to take the shortest route, which was over the North Pole. A line was, therefore, drawn on a map and anything that crossed it looking vaguely threatening would be intercepted by a joint Air Force operation.

Derailed (moderate)

This makes perfect sense unless you’re a Canadian. Think about it – those nasty invaders with their big bombs get shot down before they hit the United States. Unfortunately, it means everything that was aiming for the US winds up landing on our soil.

The Cold War might be over – but NORAD is still active. They have one major and very public responsibility at this time of year – they track Santa. Not just in our airspace either – they track his journey around the world.

Derailed (moderate)

An operation this large, with this much exposure, requires careful planning and testing. This year both Santa Enterprises and NORAD were convinced to use the grid for their shakedown cruise. After all – Second Life not only has thousands of destinations and the variety of weather patterns they might encounter on Christmas Eve, but it also has enough technical glitches to stress any system.

Testing is designed to discover any potential problems. With that in mind, I can report that this exercise was a huge success. Please remember that these pilots know the risks and consider it an honour to participate. There is a little cleanup required on Derailed. The good news is that nothing on the sled was radioactive.

Derailed (moderate)
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  1. DJ Frenzy

     /  December 8, 2013

    LOL! omg that was great!

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