Unexpected Encounters in Second Life

Sinners Heaven (moderate)

I aimed for a landscape which was NOT a pretty, snow-covered, winter wonderland today. Sometimes you need a change.

Sinners Heaven (moderate)

Sinners Heaven was actually the second region I checked out. Well … on purpose anyway. My first arrival was on one of the Adult hubs that are used when your real destination is unavailable. (A word to the wise: Those titles some of you wear are just too much information.)

Sinners Heaven (moderate)

I had intended to do a sim that intrigued me and I will probably share it with you at some point. However, I wasn’t expecting the zombies. I sat down to avoid the pushing and had an up-close and personal encounter (in the biblical sense) with a zombie dog. A strategic retreat seemed advisable.

Sinners Heaven (moderate)

The good news is that, although damage is enabled in this combination shopping district and (I think) role-play region, I escaped without any injuries. It might have had something to do with the absence of any dogs. :)

Sinners Heaven (moderate)
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  2. Unexpected Encounters in Second Life | Second L...

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