Camera Psychopathy in Second Life

Taka No Sakura (moderate)

If you have an itchy camera finger then you know what it’s like; that deep-seated need to try and capture an image in front of you, to somehow feel like you’ve stopped time and preserved the magic.

Taka No Sakura (moderate)

One of the less attractive aspects of this psychopathy is that your world narrows until it consists of nothing but that one window – through a lens or on your screen.

Taka No Sakura (moderate)

Not only can you not hear the voices shouting that your window is open and it’s -4 degrees out, or that the cat won’t get off somebody’s chair, but the passage of time is unnoticed and unacknowledged.

Taka No Sakura (moderate)

Fair warning then. Taka No Sakura will render you incapable of recognizing the wants and needs of the physical world. You’ll do it more justice than I have, I just hope you have nothing else urgent on your schedule – it’s easy to get lost in this landscape.

Taka No Sakura (moderate)
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  1. So true, so true …. :-)

  2. Absolutely enchanting and enticing, and we’ll just have to let psychopathy do its thing. :) I’ll have to visit some day soon.

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