Swept Away in Second Life

Otium (moderate)

The physical world forecast for this morning was -10 degrees (which is 14 in American). It seemed like a good time to go visit Otium and pretend it’s not colder than my freezer outside.

Otium (moderate)

I woke up to a very strange email this morning. To put it in context, I’ll tell you that I bought my very first dance animations more than 6 years ago. They would be considered very primitive by today’s standards, but I felt like such a grown-up, as if it was a rite of passage that I had successfully completed.

Otium (moderate)

It was a really cool feeling not only to find them and buy them, but to also figure out a dance chim and how to load it. Being able to do the salsa inworld was another great aspect of the virtual world.

Today I was informed that those old dances were removed due to an Intellectual Property Notice.

Otium (moderate)

I don’t want to own something that was stolen from the real creator – but, really? There weren’t that many dance animators back then – it took 6 years to discover somebody had done this? The names are very generic (e.g., Salsa-07) so maybe it’s a more recent theft and my dances just got swept away in the process.

I went to check on the original store (I have other dances from the same guy I think) but it’s Tuesday. That sim is, of course, being restarted. I’ll try to remember to do it later  – when I want to get my latin groove back. :)

Otium (moderate)
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  1. a walk down memory lane, yes, I too remember the fun we had discovering life on SL, thanks for the smile

  2. caramia Mizin

     /  December 3, 2013

    What stunning pics of Otium, and must see on my list of Sim to explore.

  1. Swept Away in Second Life | Second Life Explori...

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