Red Shoes in Second Life

Cica Ghost for Red Shoes @ MIC Imaginarium (general)

If you have followed my adventures for a time then you know that one of my favourite inworld locations for art is the MIC Imaginarium. One of the reasons for this is that the curator, Mexi Lane, is extraordinary. She invites and nudges and attracts fabulous artists whose installations have blown me away on a consistent basis.

Another reason I appreciate this venue is its genesis – the MIC (Musee in Comune) is an association of museums and galleries in Rome. They have combined forces to share their stories and publicize their work in a city where there are dozens and dozens of world class institutions.

Blue Tsuki for Red Shoes @ MIC Imaginarium (general)

From 2008 the MIC has had a presence in Second Life as well. On many occasions the inworld exhibition has been suggested by, and in some cases linked to, a member institution’s installation in the real world. The grid presence is often treated as another full-fledged member of the Association.

I’m telling you all of this because a new exhibit opens this afternoon, called Red Shoes, and it is linked to an opening on December 8 at the Il Margutta Art Gallery, called Women in Rock and Red Shoes, where a video of the inworld art works will be shown.

Rubin Mayo for Red Shoes @ MIC Imaginarium (general)

The inspiration for the exhibit comes from a 2009 installation in Mexico by the artist Elina Chauvet. Entitled Zapatos Rojos (Red Shoes) it was the symbol she chose to voice opposition to violence against women. It has been adopted by groups and artists around the world.

A call for artists was sent out by the MIC Imaginarium for their exhibit. Each would be given an identical pair of red mesh shoes and asked to create a 3D work on the subject. I counted 27 names on the poster of those who have accepted the challenge.

Mikati Slade for Red Shoes @ MIC Imaginarium (general)

I obviously can’t show you all of the works in this post – in part because it would go on for pages, in part because some of the works would be “trigger images”, and in part because some of them just don’t translate well to a flat photograph (at least when the camera is in my hands). I saw works that used the shoes in memoriam, as cages, as weapons of defiance. The differing creative visions are impressive and powerful.

I was enthused and impressed by all of the pieces. There are artists I know and love, and others who are new to me (and now love). The subject is important to this blogger and so is inworld art. This latest exhibit at MIC Imaginarium continues their tradition of glorious installations. I think you should check it out. :)

Sniper Siemens for Red Shoes @ MIC Imaginarium (general)
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