The Good Kind of Drama, Guest Stars & a Spoiler in Second Life

Seraph City (moderate)

He’s a gumshoe, a private dick, the kind who’d like to get lost in the bottle of whiskey in his bottom drawer when he’s not running up a tab at his local bar. Last year at this time he fell, as most film noir heroes do, into the clutches of a hard-edged damsel in distress. This one came equipped with lots of secrets and an, um, associate.

His home base is a tiny office in the diesel punk town of Seraph City. He is Harland Quinn and the second season of his adventures in The Blackened Mirror↑ will start at 2:00 pm SLT today.

Seraph City (moderate)

I had the opportunity to work with this talented cast and crew and I can tell you that it takes long hours, much hair-pulling, professionalism, and a sense of humour to accomplish just the normal amount of work involved in filming a series like this. When you combine that with the technical glitches and surprises offered in the virtual world, it’s an extraordinary feat of determination and dedication.

The cast is wonderful. Quinn is played by the actor Scott Simpson (Zander Greene inworld) who has that kind of voice that makes you want him to just keep talking, about anything really, just keep talking. Aisling Sinclair plays Alais, soft spoken trouble in a pretty package. Her associate, and the true sex symbol in this series, Biggins is played by Mavromichali Szondi. If there’s an Oscar for gravelly tones and grunts – Mav will win hands down.

Seraph City (moderate)

There are other key members of the cast (most of whom keep trying to do nasty things to our heroes). You’ll get to know all of them during the season but I want to highlight two. If you remember Babylon 5, or maybe Hill Street Blues, then you know Peter Jurasik. I have to tell you, I always loved the character Londo Mollari and the actor who played him is a sweetheart. You’ll encounter his performance in this story as the season progresses.

Another sweetheart actor is Gameela Wright (you’ll know her inworld as AvaJean Westland) – who kept saying things like “I can’t film that day, I have to do Orange is the New Black“.

I don’t have room to name all of the people who worked behind the scenes on this venture. A few irreplaceable individuals would be Saffia Widdershins, the Executive Producer/Director/Herder; the writer Da5id Abbot – who in the real world has published a novel or two, radio plays, non-fiction, and more, and made our special effects wizard, Terra Volitant, very happy every time he said something had to blow up; Machinimatographers Petlove Petshop and PJ Trenton captured all the madness (and that includes what will wind up being an out-take reel for the ages). There are many more (including sound guru Lorin Tone) but I have to stop somewhere.

Seraph City (moderate)

You can catch up on last season’s episodes and see the beginning of the second on The new episode will be available there at 2:00 pm SLT. Quinn is not in a good place – in more ways than one.

My own contribution to this effort was limited to that essential part of any filmed enterprise – the extras. We had a large group of enthusiastic individuals who remained stoic through wardrobe changes, poor weather, bombings, technical difficulties, and other-worldly type things I can’t really discuss. I did promise you a spoiler though (I’m sure Saffia won’t see it) so I’ll just say that this little guy will play a pivotal role in one of the future episodes.

This was exhausting but it was great fun to do. I think you’ll enjoy it a lot! The Blackened Mirror↑ debuts its new season for your enjoyment this afternoon. :)

Seraph City (moderate)
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