Generations in Second Life

Electrobit City (general)

I shared one of these retro gaming sims a while ago and visited a second one today. There’s an info post (with swag) that will generate a tour for you and explain how to find your way around – I assume it might also explain the game that results in a big prize.

Electrobit City (general)

I did stumble on a teleport booth which whisked me away to a whole new level/city/gaming landscape.

Although I vaguely recognize all of the cultural references, they are of things I associate with generations younger than I.

Electrobit City (general)

It made me remember something back from the late 70s. I was working for the summer, at a canning company to pay my post-grad tuition, and a fellow palletizer/student told me they were studying my generation in school. You want to make somebody feel old? He did. He was talking about events that had happened a mere 10 years earlier.

Electrobit City (general)

Just to avoid any future issues, let me make something clear. History is what happened before the things I lived through. Anything which took place in my lifetime constitutes recent memory. :)

We haven’t had any music for a while so here’s one to kick start your day (from an old guy, HA!).

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