Finding Goodwill in Second Life

The Trace (moderate)

Yes, Brother Dear, there is more snow in this post. It’s a little tough to avoid at this time of year, but the vast amount of white stuff is actually a good thing. At least in my mind. It means I can escape the noise of the real world and indulge in the muted sounds of a holiday card.

The Trace (moderate)

Although we rarely see it here in the physical world, I love the sense of quiet and calm that it creates. People all seem nicer as well – helpful and there’s a shared sense of experiencing something unusual, albeit temporary, and there are opportunities to play. It also means we all try to find that snow shovel we know we bought last year. This is much more positive than the shared feelings inspired by the usual downpour.

The Trace (moderate)

I went to The Trace today to escape the barrage of messages & images & stories about today (which according to some clocks and calendars actually began yesterday afternoon).

My Mother asked me why Americans call their Thanksgiving Black Friday. I avoided the long answer involving retail sales quotas, consumerism, the fact that it’s actually Thursday, etc., and just shrugged.

The Trace (moderate)

I like this season in general, it has those family/friends/celebration aspects that are important. A mid-winter festival has been happening for thousands of years. The religious parts which were added aren’t for me, but they usually mean a focus on positive feelings (and I love the music).

The great country to the south of us has exported a wide variety of important contributions to world culture – and if you gave me some time I’m sure I could come up with a few examples. However, I suspect there are other ways to demonstrate Goodwill Toward Men that do not involve fistfights in a Walmart at 2:00 am. I don’t think this is something the rest of us need to embrace, so I’ll just hide out in the snow, have some cookies and avoid the local ads that talk about a day of the week they’ve painted black.

The Trace (moderate)
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  1. Honour, there is an article in The Independent here in our local area about work with virtual reality, I thought you might find it interesting in light of your experiences in Second Life.

    Thanks as usual for your great blog, I always enjoy it!

  2. “The great country south of us” must mean Mexico, right, as it’s south of both of us? And surely tequila is a great contribution to world culture. :)

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