Wetlands and Smart Hair in Second Life

Wetlands (adult)

Today’s post is going to, once again, demonstrate the totally random way my brain synthesizes information. You can ignore the insanity and just look at pictures from the Wetlands. Not only are the 4 swampy seasons on this sim beautiful, but it has the coolest boat tour I’ve encountered. My driving ban extends to water craft so I just admired it.

Wetlands (adult)

OK – for the random bit. We know and appreciate Second Life for many things. The talent and creativity inworld is amazing, but there is one aspect of the virtual with which we are completely obsessed.

This was brought home to me when the Lab released some statistics in June as the grid turned 10. They included the fact that over $3.2 Billion (US) has been spent on virtual goods over our history and that the number one category for those goods, the item sold more than anything else, was women’s hair.

Wetlands (adult)

This little factoid popped into my thoughts as I was reading this article about Sony filing a patent for a SmartWig. This is their entry into the world of wearable technology and the possibilities here are unlimited. They say it can collect blood pressure information, change slides in a presentation (using your eyebrows), navigate roads (even if you’re blind), and more.

They also say it can process data and communicate wirelessly with other devices – including other wearable gadgets. The claim is that this is a “technically intelligent item and fashion item at the same time”.

Wetlands (adult)

Although no details are given, Sony said the gaming industry or “any type of virtual reality appliance” could also be an “interesting field” of use for the device. I looked at the photos and, while I’m no technology expert, I think they need help. The kind of help our creators are in the perfect position to offer.

So, I propose a joint venture between Sony and the Lab. Proof of Concept will be left to the techie types in both companies, while our Resident Creators can be assigned the task of achieving the fashion portion of their claim. I’ll accept a small commission on the resulting profits.

Wetlands (adult)
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  1. ahuva18

     /  November 27, 2013

    Oh my. You are brilliant and correct (this time). That hair is simply not up to SL standards. Sony needs help. Wetlands, otoh, IS up to the highest SL standards and is lovely. :) Needed something to balance out those wigs.

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