A Dream of Snow in Second Life

Yuki No Yumi (moderate)

If I’ve given you the impression that I don’t like snow I apologize. It’s not true! We don’t get much of it in the rainforest so I actually get excited about the white stuff here in the physical world.

Yuki No Yumi (moderate)

I spend a lot of time visiting sims for Prim Perfect and when the topic is something like winter it all starts to blur.

I do love what is done with snow inworld – particularly when it’s used to create something as beautiful as the ones I’ve covered recently and Yuki No Yumi is a fabulous example.

Yuki No Yumi (moderate)

I followed Caitlin to this sim and you should as well. Subtitled, A Dream of Snow, Jac Mornington has given us a landscape that both soothes and inspires.

Yuki No Yumi (moderate)

I won’t show you all my weirder shots – you deserve to have some idea of what’s waiting for you. I will share one and say I wish all my dreams were this pretty!

Yuki No Yumi (moderate)
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  1. rhianonjameson

     /  November 25, 2013

    All that snow looks very pretty inworld. And that’s where it should stay, rather than on the roads and sidewalks of our towns.

  2. As always just stunning photography :)

  1. A Dream of Snow in Second Life | Second Life De...

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