The Steampunkables, Cannon & Counselling in Second Live

Steampunkables (moderate)

I had held off blogging about Steampunkables only because there was a musical performance scheduled for tomorrow – and you know that if I give you too much notice you tend to forget. Unfortunately that had to be cancelled, but this is something you definitely want to visit.

There is a wonderful cast of characters and our hero is Tinker. This poor guy falls asleep one night and “Smoke, smoke…with a blinding explosion followed by unusual dreams of gears raining down on the world…the Tinker awakens in a strange new world in the year 2525”.

Steampunkables (moderate)

He finds himself in Steam Center, a town with lots of cogs and problems. You really need to explore this build and find the dock and the Underworld, the Undersea, and Steam Haven. Along the way you’ll find all the quirky members of the troupe and you’ll get the story from them and various cogs you encounter.

You will also find treasure chests – 7 of them containing 50 wonderful prizes. I met Tinker and I trust him so I believe him about the chests. I actually didn’t find any – partly because I totally suck  at that type of thing and partly because there are a few obstacles. I’ll explain in a moment.

Steampunkables (moderate)

Tinker, in person, is actually Joey Aboma, and has been creating in Second Life for 5 years. He also has projects in a variety of virtual spaces, when he’s not teaching and studying in the physical world.

The story he has written, and leads you through, is complex and wonderful – as is the build. As I mentioned, there are a few tricky bits and I managed to stumble into a couple of them. I can warn you that shooting the cannon will send your avatar flying through the air, only to land wherever it is you absent-mindedly aimed the sucker. sigh In my case, that was underwater.

Steampunkables (moderate)

This resulted in an up close and personal encounter with the Kraken. He protects at least one of the treasure chests and he’s more than a little bit cranky – although I don’t think he really meant to smash me against that boat.

In fact, I believe he’s just misunderstood and needs a sympathetic ear. I did find something which will provide me with some protection as I attempt to soothe the beast. You go explore and find all that treasure, I’ll see if I can provide some much needed counselling.

Steampunkables (moderate)
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  1. There are 7 treasures chests on the sim (with a total of over 50 great prizes inside them). I setup the treasure chests to give you items that relate to each part of the story. So for example, the treasure chest #6 is the one you mentioned as being just past the Kraken. That one contains a bunch of undersea items including the Kraken and even a baby kraken. I hope people enjoy the sim as I tried for a slightly different twist on things by exploring what could be done with narrative story and character development to create a story people could experience while having fun looking for prizes. For a complete list of prizes, see:

  1. The Steampunkables, Cannon & Counselling in...
  2. The Steampunkables, Cannon & Counselling in...

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