The Next Version of Honour in Second Life?

Jomo (moderate)

Today started in a normal fashion (that’s a pun, although it’s obscure at this point) for me. I saw this post and remembered visiting Jomo years ago when it was first being built. I really liked it then and thought I should see how it has evolved.

Jomo (moderate)

The build is simply gorgeous. Think northern China and a walled fortress with beautiful structures – there are even underground passages. More about them in a moment.

The creator, Xiaoduo Abbot, sells skins, clothes, avatars and accessories. I watched a monk doing tai chi for a while and then thought I’d take a quick look at the skins. My alt could use improvement.

Jomo (moderate)

The skin posters are visually stunning. Some of them are a little uncanny valley, but they made me want to look for a traditional skin for Honour as well.

Nothing is cheap (which I am), however I think some time in that section is in my future. I also decided to take a peak at the avatars. Not a smart thing to do given my weakness in this area.

Jomo (moderate)

I can’t even tell you what’s there, apart from the very first one I saw. I have a lot of different avatars, even if Honour is usually the way I’m shown in that profile photo on this blog. I fell in lust with this mesh creation and it will have to be added to my collection. You can change the colour of the brain, body, eyelashes, lips, fingernails and horn. That will take me hours!

My male alt went underground and tried on the demo, but I’m no Strawberry Singh or Winter Jefferson, so this isn’t exactly a great portrait. It might, however, be your first glimpse at the next version of Honour – once I check out the rest of what he has. :)

Jomo (moderate)
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  1. I’ll have to send in an alt with very little in her bank account, thanks for another great lead

  2. Oh, I thought this would be about the Mesh butt… darn.

  3. I have that avatar too, she is great (although she always makes me feel like a giantess :P)!

  4. Ooooh….I like! Very distinctive, Honour. I cannot wait to see where you go with this…

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