Failing to See the Invisible People in Second Life

Invisible People (moderate)

Today’s post is about some wonderful art, extraordinary texture work, and my imperfect attempts to do justice to an artist’s intent. La Citta Perduta has hosted some amazing exhibits over the years. The fun of walking these streets to follow a story, or encounter very special works, is always worth much more time than I seem to have.

Invisible People (moderate)

Ziki Questi↑ informed me of a new installation by Rebeca Bashly called Invisible People which uses “camouflage art”. What this means is that, if you align your camera correctly, the character seems to vanish into the background. The amazingly detailed work on textures has to be seen – it’s, phenomenal.

For the photographer as inept as I, it’s a fun exercise but one I failed more often than not.

Invisible People (moderate)

When you’re not trying to align them, the people Rebeca has created are intriguing and fit naturally into the scene. Being precise in the angle of your camera will enable the invisibility – but, lighting is important as well.

Invisible People (moderate)

I consider all of my attempts to be failures. This last one isn’t too bad although it’s still not perfect.

Go see Invisible People – and yes, I know that seems like a contradiction. If you’re a photographer I’m sure, like Ziki, you’ll have more success. I had a lot of fun trying though.

Invisible People (moderate)
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  1. Bryndis Madrigal

     /  November 17, 2013

    This looks eerily similar to the work of the Chinese artist Liu Bolin, who paints his clothing to blend into various scenes. There’s a great gallery of his work here:

    I wonder who was doing this first :)

  2. YAY! I love Rebeca’s work; I can’t wait to see this new one. Thanks Honour!

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