Combining Old & New Favourites in Second Life

Pure Dreams (moderate)

I’ve been immersed in snowy sims for a project so I thought I’d take a break and visit autumn inworld. I remember Pure Dreams from last year so I decided to revisit.

Pure Dreams (moderate)

I used this visit to test out some new Windlight settings I just downloaded. It’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on and I do try, but I missed the fact that Annan Adored had offered up her most recent creations.

Pure Dreams (moderate)

I have over 800 Windlights sitting in that menu and I rarely use them without at least some fiddling. These shots are pretty much exactly as Annan intended. :)

Pure Dreams (moderate)

I like what she’s done and I’m sure I’ll find opportunities to make use of them again. She does good work! You can find her new settings here, and I thank all of those with the patience to create them for their generosity!

Pure Dreams (moderate)
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  1. Omg ♥ beautifull pictures! tysm for your wonderful words and your support <3
    Annan Adored ♥

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