We Don’t Want You & Second Life

Forgotten City Winter Park (general)

I’ve been a huge fan of Jenne Dibou since the first time I visited The Forgotten City. I recently shared another extraordinary build she’s done, an inworld version of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Ziki has a post announcing the imminent closure of a sim Jenne built – I’ve not been able to visit, or share it with you, only because of the nature of the role play it hosted. It does look amazing though. Instead of that location, I went to see the Winter Park floating above the aforementioned City. These aren’t great shots, but honestly I was recovering from the entrance which is in the form of a giant steampunk ski jump. Heights are not my forte. :)

I’ll let this be the backdrop for today’s musings. Bear with me, you might think you know where I’m heading but you’d be wrong.

Forgotten City Winter Park (general)

I was visiting various locations on teh interwebs yesterday and noticed, once again, an ad for Wartune, what seems like a fairly derivative game combining point & click fighting, farming, and whatever. You might not have heard of the game but you’ve probably seen its banner ads – they all insist that it’s for Male Gamers Only. Really! One ad even promises that lucky gender the orgy they deserve.

I only have a small version of the one of the ads, so I’ve been rude and added it onto the next image from Jenne’s wonderful creation (sorry!). You’ll notice that, even though it’s Men Only, the image is of a female. She is, of course, almost naked, pouty, and well endowed. Presumably the lucky guys will expect to encounter NPCs like this as part of the scenery. Maybe they’ll anticipate programmed moans or strategic compliments thrown their way.

Forgotten City Winter Park (general)

I did a bit of poking around and discovered that the whole Men Only thing is a lie. It’s hokum, nonsense, false, and untrue. Of course there are women players – some have even liked the game on FB. Hamlet isn’t the only one who enjoys a bit of point & click. :)

I looked at some of the game reviews to see what people thought about the campaign. There was general agreement that “False Advertising” applied and some even felt that the Company could be prosecuted for this. Others talked about how sexist these ads “might” appear, but didn’t see it as a huge problem. Not one of them reached the same conclusion I did.

Forgotten City Winter Park (general)

Nobody else seemed to think that some small mind responsible for writing these ads was, in fact, trying to attract MORE women gamers. Pretend you’re a pimply faced guy, who has seen the stats and knows that girls do game, and you want them to come and visit your masterpiece. The obvious solution is to tell them they can’t. After all, females always want to get into places they’re told are off limits – think about tree forts or golf clubs. Estrogen will see it as a challenge and try breaking down the door.

The reviews I read indicated that the game is pretty much meh. Getting people in is one thing, getting them to stay is another. We know that from Second Life. I don’t think, though, that the Lab should start telling people they are forbidden to enter – a juvenile approach will just attract more juvenile minds. Let them go do point & click war games. :p

Forgotten City Winter Park (general)
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  1. Oh my, you are in a naughty, cheeky mood today or am I reading this wrong? Haha!

  2. You also forgot masonic lodges (in times of yore). But masonic lodges are for losers who think they can become important through stupid rituals with aprons, fake swords, a bit of pseudo-magic and pseudo-philosophical mumbo jumbo and grotesque props. As for golf clubs… They’re for bored people who want an even more boring experience – something as boring as listening to a catatonic person practice the violin after having taken a double dose of Valium.

  3. I’ve seen that ad umpteen times, the thing I always think is why a game advertising images of scantily clad women would be telling people it’s men only, do they think us males believe they have an army of paid women waiting to meet our whims in their world?

    Hmmm this could be misconstrued,,,, badly.

    • /me grins As I said, people seem to think false advertising should be the charge. Although I’m not quite sure what part of it they object to – the fact that there are women or that the women aren’t bots. :)

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