Collins Land in Second Life

Collins Land (moderate)

I finally had the opportunity to follow Caitlin to Collins Land (and her blog is another one on my list you should follow). This sim is not only very pretty, but also appropriate as the backdrop for today’s story.

I know you all think that I seem to be in total control of my lives and the world around me, occasional ventures into the Twilight Zone not withstanding. The truth is that there are some pesky obstacles that I cannot seem to defeat.

Collins Land (moderate)

I live in a small town. It is not far from a major city, but because of geography we are fairly isolated from suburban sprawl. Although we’re not as upscale as Collins Land, we share the same mix of rural farmland, water and fisherfolk, and the more civilized streets.

My street is a little windy/funky, but it has your basic houses and tidy yards. Well, most of them are tidy – mine is more English Country Mess than Germanic Straight Line Obsessive.

There are large trees in front of the house – very large trees. The tallest is about 75 feet high and still growing. Another, a large deciduous beast, is a Cherry – annoying bugger, it drops things all year long. The birds help by spreading the pits after they eat the fruit, so I spend a lot of time pulling up Cherry babies from various locations.

Collins Land (moderate)

Because we are relatively civilized, and because this is a rain forest, we have a storm sewer running under the road. The closest grate is at the end of my driveway. A couple of years ago I noticed some leaves growing out of it – I recognized them as Cherry. I was aware that this probably wasn’t good news.

The guy next door, when I pointed this out, did what men tend to do and just grabbed it and yanked. The tree was still there, just shorter – and over the succeeding months it branched out, filling more of the area in the sewer.

I tried destroying it with fish-friendly sprays (killing off salmon etc., is verbotten) – it just laughed at me. I finally gave up and called the Municipal authorities and asked for some help.

Collins Land (moderate)

After multiple conversations, during which I was told they’d “never heard of this before”, a guy was dispatched to check it out. The first thing he did was grab it and yank. sigh He then promised to create a work order – “Don’t worry”, he said, “we’ll take care of it.”  A truck arrived with two men a few weeks later. After the now traditional grabbing and yanking (What is it with men?) they said there were cracks (No shit! How do you think it’s growing through concrete?) so they’re going to have to replace the whole section of the sewer.

Two different men showed up yesterday to map out the job. I watched one of them trying to grab and yank – it’s a compulsion apparently. Anyway, they said they’d be here today with their equipment. I’m not to be concerned, the sewer will be fixed. “Great!”, I exclaimed.”Just, please don’t forget the f*cking tree!”

Maybe I’ll take a day trip somewhere. I don’t think I can bear to watching any more yanking.

Collins Land (moderate)
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  1. okay I totally balled over at the grab and yank compulsion rofl
    I hate the cherry babies too, we have 2 bing cherry trees and they’re proliferating.. been plaguing our walk way for months.

  2. caramia Mizin

     /  November 6, 2013

    Honor, you took me on a “mind trip” with this story of Collins Land and your RL area, thank you I thoroughly enjoy your blogs :) and quite often will visit some of the SIM’s you have visited.

  3. Ah, so that tree-yanking obsession is not just Dutch! Phew! And thank you so much for the mention and list….I was convinced I had you on my blogroll..but..ahem! Fixed that!

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