Not Safe for Weak Stomachs in Second Life

Cherry Hill Haunted Mines (moderate)

Is Halloween over yet? I know there are a lot of residents who are fans of horror and gruesome stuff – I’m just not one of them. Today may have cured me of attempting to explore these fun-filled seasonal destinations.

I saw the latest post from Loverdag (I don’t know what system she has that allows her to take those photos, but I want it) and went to visit the Cherry Hill Haunted Mines.

Cherry Hill Haunted Mines (moderate)

You start off in a special Breedables Market and then move on to the mine. Look, one of the reasons I stopped breeding anything inworld is that I anthropomorphize far too easily. I saw things on my journey that, well, I’m going to try very hard to unsee.

Don’t get me wrong, this is an exceptionally well done build. Which is the problem ….. at least for me.

Cherry Hill Haunted Mines (moderate)

They tell you to turn up your sounds ….. this Explorer only survives these excursions by muting them. I wandered through miles of dark tunnels and I’m sure some of you will love the experience.

For those of us with weaker stomachs, I’m going to try to find sims with less intensity. :)

Cherry Hill Haunted Mines (moderate)
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  1. Heh! I blogged about this place this morning too but sooo different! (I switched on the sun and light and skipped the scary parts..:p). Love your pictures!

  2. I can’t handle horror movies, so by extension I think this is one destination I will have to avoid. Your and Caitlin’s pictures are so tempting though. :D

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