Suburban Trick or Treating, Havenhollow in Second Life

Havenhollow (moderate)

I feel obliged, Dear Reader, to include the seasonal destinations – it comes as part of the job of an Explorer/Blogger. My own feelings of self-preservation mean that I choose locations I feel will be benign, yet appropriate. For some reason it hasn’t been turning out the way I expect lately, but I had high hopes for Havenhollow.

Havenhollow (moderate)

This, after all, is just your typical American suburban community. The homes seem well cared for, the residents water their lawns and put out their garbage like millions of other normal people.

It’s one of those truisms that Halloween night always seems to be cursed with dark, moody weather. It’s certainly not their fault!

Havenhollow (moderate)

I received my bucket for the treats that are handed out by the friendly folks. You just approach their doors and do the usual Trick or Treat routine – although you are warned that some of them are hard of hearing and that they will occasionally actually do the Trick part of the ritual.

I found myself distracted by the small neighbourhood playground – I didn’t see any children but there was somebody (something?) playing on the swings, etc.  Maybe the wind?

Havenhollow (moderate)

A very nice policeman suggested it was a little late to venture into the woods. I didn’t listen to him (my bad) but I did accept his offer of a flashlight. I guess the Community grew up around an old mine and, typical kids, somebody has knocked down or taken the warning signs.

It’s a good thing I never had the luxury of developing a fear of spiders (if the other female residents of your home are hiding in the bathroom and screaming, somebody has to move the poor little thing outside). I fell into an old mineshaft and it might be the shadows that made the insects look so large – I do know they were not chasing me, they’re just lonely. No, really!

Havenhollow (moderate)

I’m sure these woods are very pleasant ….. in the daytime. It was a relief, however, to emerge on the other side. I found another house with a less traditionally suburban appearance.

As I set up my tripod and camera I noticed a young resident go up to the door and enter. He never came out. Maybe they’re having a party?

Havenhollow (moderate)
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  1. In my defence.. the spiders were screaming my name not yours…

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