Acknowledging Latitude in Second Life

Nature Park Adrastea (moderate)

I realize that the Center of the Universe is defined by wherever I (or you) happen to be standing at the moment. For me, and many others, it is Autumn right now and heading towards Winter.

As shocking as it might be to us, there is an entire half of the globe where they know, for a fact, that it is Spring.

Nature Park Adrastea (moderate)

The sun is getting warmer on the other side of the world and flowers are blooming. Second Life has never been able to conquer timezones (damn that longitude), but we do have a tendency to ignore seasonal variations dependent on latitude.

So, for those looking for something which more closely resembles their weather reality, and the many who would like to escape our fog/rain/frost, I give you Adrastea.

Nature Park Adrastea (moderate)

I’m an admitted fangurl when it comes to Happy Mood, so I was bound to love any landscape full of their trees and flowers. The fact that it also has works by Sextan Shepherd (among others) is a cool bonus.

Nature Park Adrastea (moderate)

The sim is prepared to defend itself from invaders – I’m not sure who they’re expecting though. I wasn’t challenged as I wandered on the wooden walkways, and even when I entered a mysterious tunnel.

If you’d like a break from fall colours, and spooky Halloween locations, I think Adrastea↑ is a beautiful choice. :)

Nature Park Adrastea (moderate)
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  2. Acknowledging Latitude in Second Life | Second ...

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