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Asallia House (moderate)

I intended to go visit one of the multitude of Halloween-themed locations today, as events transpired I changed my mind. I needed someplace calm, pretty, and relaxing. I was not going to get stressed out by minor glitches, but I didn’t think dark & gloomy would be a good idea.

All of us on the official viewer get those mandatory updates. Usually I sit patiently while they try to download and wait for the error message – automatic installs don’t work for me. I click through to the Release Notes to see which one I’m getting and then do it manually. Today, this happened.

Asallia House (moderate)

I can imagine the logic of the code: Force Update (cause we worked really hard on it); Go get it for her (and we know she’ll like it); Don’t let her in until it’s done (and we get to show off the changes). The problem, it seems, is that the pointer they inserted didn’t lead to the new and improved viewer. It couldn’t be found. My alt stood there patiently waiting for some bits & bytes to sort themselves out, and he waited, and waited, ……. sigh

I gave up and went and found one of the Beta options and did the download. At least this time I didn’t have to click on an “abort” button.

Asallia House (moderate)

I can remember, back in the 80s, a Senior Exec who entered the wrong password. The error message he received said “You do not exist”. He was not amused. He worked very hard to remove that kind of language, and the term “abort” among others, from the systems in their Company. I really wish he’d succeeded industry wide. :)

In any case, things sorted themselves out and I spent time in the lovely surroundings of Asallia House (the name of the sim btw is Turkish for I Love You). Well, I did until I was forceably reminded of the reason I had stuck to only one of the Release Channels.

Asallia House (moderate)

For some reason, the code in the Maintenance Viewer Channel includes something that crashes my video card. It only happens when I try and take a photo – um, which is pretty much the only activity my Alt carries out. So you don’t get any images here of the house or its contents. I gave up the click/crash/relog cycle after the 3rd hard landing.

I did manage to leave a tip though. I think, since I plan to get in the boat and head for the horizon, it was only fair. Maybe she’ll be able to buy a replacement. :)

Asallia House (moderate)
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  1. I too have disabled the automatic updating of the SL viewer (in fact I do the same with Windows Updates and other software) because I like to be in some control and to have a little heads-up when things are about to change (like when Linden brought out the new Conversations window), but it is frustrating when there comes a point where we’re forced to update.

    I don’t think I’ve seen my viewer do that “Looking for update…” thing, but maybe I’ve been lucky enough for such an update to install quickly without me noticing. One time my viewer broke and I had to do a fresh install (I keep copies of the installers for that reason) but I had forgotten to re-apply the “Do not install updates automatically” before logging in… I had been trying to avoid using the most up-to-date version of the viewer because there were some changes I wasn’t happy with… so when the update installed itself automatically as soon as I logged in, I sobbed :( Oh well.

    Great snapshots though, thank you for sharing and I hope your viewer is behaving itself now :)

    • Thank you :)

      I haven’t disabled the automatic only because I like to play with the new Beta versions. Yes, I’m strange.
      However, there’s something in my OS setup that prevents a successful automated install – it gets to the end and throws out an error message. So I wind up doing it manually. :)
      Oh, and although it took me a while to get used to it – I love the new conversation stuff. Change isn’t always bad *grin*

  1. Zen & the Code of Second Life | Second Life...
  2. Zen & the Code of Second Life | Second Life...

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