The Sun, The Dust & HTTP Texture Settings in Second Life

The Sideroads Blues (moderate)

I followed Ricco to a biker sim called The Sideroads Blues this morning. I’ve got great memories of towns like this, and could both feel the heat and taste the dust.

The Sideroads Blues (moderate)

They have a blues club I added to my list and the rules are basic. They include no nudity, or loaded weapons, and no littering, unless it’s beer bottles. :)

The Sideroads Blues (moderate)

I want to talk about HTTP Textures for a moment. I’ve never been able to get them to work for me and I’ve done a lot of searching to try and figure out why. At one point it seemed my router’s fault but I couldn’t find the tweaks needed to fix it. Then, yesterday, Pussycat Catnap posted this explanation of some debug settings. You really need to read it to take advantage of what I’m about to say.

The Sideroads Blues (moderate)

I do play with settings but there are a LOT of them and, it turns out, the one called TextureFetchConcurrency is sort of important. It also defaults to 0, which makes no sense since it means “Maximum number of HTTP connections used for texture fetches = 0”. WTF?

There’s a trade-off between this one and MeshMaxConcurrency so I’m playing with the two levels, but I now actually get stuff rezzing at a much higher rate even with HTTP turned on. I’m still sputtering about the default, however I’m very grateful to Pussycat. I took these images without screaming “Rez Dammit” at the screen. :)

The Sideroads Blues (moderate)
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  1. Inara Pey

     /  October 18, 2013

    I could upset your day by saying MeshMaxConcurrentRequests is being superceded by a new debug, Mesh2MaxCocurrentRequests, linked to a new capability, GetMesh2. :).

    There’s a lot of confusion over MeshMaxConcurrentRequests, with many believing setting it higher must be good, as things “go faster”. It ain’t. The reality is the default of 32 should be fine for most people, and setting it higher achieves little of any practical value other than hammering the netowrk connection / router.

    When Mesh2MaxCocurrentRequests appears in viewers, it will actually be capped server-side, and will have a default of 8. As it will take time for the new capability to complete supercede the existing capability, the Lab will also be clamping MeshMaxConcurrentRequests server-side, so again, it really isn’t of any value for people to set it ridiculously high.

    All of this work is part of an ongoing project at the Lab to try to improve HTTP connectivity between the viewer and their servers for mesh, textures, etc., which should both increase connection reliability and reduce the strain of routers (particularly older models). This work is also leading towards the Lab deploying HTTP pipelining, which should improve things still further. When this happens, textures and mesh will be using the same channel …

    I’ll stop now before you start weeping… :).

    • Hey! let me enjoy http textures for at least 10 minutes first! :)

      • Inara Pey

         /  October 18, 2013

        Well, truth is, when all the work is done and Monty Linden moves on to his next piece of magic, you should actually be able to enjoy them even moar! And meshes! :)

    • Maxing “MeshMaxConcurrentRequests” was what I’d recommended back in April – from a plain language read of the term and as it appeared to fix the problem I noticed at the time.

      Blog I wrote yesterday was in part to correct that. :)
      – and note that its a bandwidth setting, what that means, and how it seems to be working in tandem with other bandwidth settings. But mostly the surprise that the texture one, TextureFetchConcurrency, had a default of 0 and as far as I could tell, at 0 nothing was coming in. Even setting it to ‘1’ can “rock your SL” after that. :)

      • Inara Pey

         /  October 18, 2013

        Bandwidth is a complicated beast, as per my comments on your blog post :). Many issues can simply be solved by not even touching debug options, but in managing the bandwidth setting in Prefs > Network and Cache. Generally speaking, the setting here shouldn’t really exceed 1500 kbps.

        As to my comments here, they were in part to tease Honour (although they are true where mesh is concerned) ;).

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