The Haunting of the Samurai in Second Life

Samurai Village (moderate)

I have a fondness for Samurai. They have a rich culture and history, but mostly I appreciate the fact that none of them have ever tried to kill me. It was the middle of the night when I arrived in the Samurai Village – that’s why the photos are so dark.

Samurai Village (moderate)

I had a brief chat with a resident of the Village …. it didn’t go well. He tried to tell me they were being haunted by an “evil witch”.  Now, I hate labels and, frankly, I have experience with what perimenopause can do to a perfectly sane individual. I think it’s both harsh and unfair to describe a woman as a witch and I told him so.

Samurai Village (moderate)

This particular victim of misunderstanding and prejudice is obviously a nature lover. She has her own forest and there’s a very welcoming path through the underbrush. I’m sure it’s easier to find your way in the daytime, but I felt very comfortable setting out in the dark.

Samurai Village (moderate)

After a pleasant journey, communing with nature, I saw some lights in the distance and thought I’d drop in on the owner. I’m sure she could use a sympathetic friend. On closer inspection I remembered another meeting I was supposed to attend.

I’m convinced there’s nothing to worry about. I’ll probably head back …. around noon or so.

Samurai Village (moderate)
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