Arithmos, The Changing View in Second Life

Arithmos by Giovanna Cerise (moderate)

I keep thinking I should start a post with the line from Monty Python, “and now for something completely different”. That would be silly though, all of these destinations are different.

Arithmos by Giovanna Cerise (moderate)

In this case it’s something I kept thinking as I looked around Arithmos by Giovanna Cerise (set your environment to midnight or sunset). Even when I thought I had the composition of a shot lined up, any movement of my camera changed it completely.

Arithmos by Giovanna Cerise (moderate)

Giovanna describes her installation as “fascination and illusion in  balance between rationality and irrationality“. The exhibit seems fairly straight forward, but there are many, many layers to the textures. Proximity and angle give you very different images.

Arithmos by Giovanna Cerise (moderate)

This work is not as simple as it appears and it’s well worth exploring to experience the complexity. On that note I want finish off today by sending a personal message.

Happy Birthday to Crap Mariner, the original Grumpy Cat. :)

Arithmos by Giovanna Cerise (moderate)
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  1. … there will be blood.

  2. DJ Frenzy

     /  October 10, 2013

    I simply love that you find these places, and share them..I get to explore before I explore..Thank you

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