The Crooked Path in Second Life

Gallerie des Machines (moderate)

OK I’m impulsive. I had a plan today, check out some art nouveau facades on Paris Coutureand then head over to an exhibit that recently opened. After playing around with images of the outside of the Gallerie des Machines I decided to spend two or three minutes checking out the artworks inside.

Gallerie des Machines (moderate)

I found a small installation by Haveit Neox called Le Bain Se Meurt. I’m an admitted fan of Hav’s and, as much as I loved finding this sampling of his work, it wasn’t enough for me. My itinerary was modified and I went to visit his home sim  just to see what else he’s been up to lately.

ACC Alpha (moderate)

Hav builds cities. He populates them and creates art for them and he gives them stories. There are neighbourhoods and references to his big works, as well as smaller objects that spring from his shy, talented mind.

ACC Alpha (moderate)

You can keep up-to-date on his various projects by reading his blog. I try and do that, but there are obviously many things I’ve missed. One of the revelations I had this morning is that he sells decorative tiles and windows. You can add them to my list of weaknesses – I don’t shop for shoes, but my collection of tiles and stained glass is enormous and I’m going back to add his to my inventory.

I’ll get to the destinations on my list – honest! My path might involve detours, but I don’t regret them.

ACC Alpha (moderate)
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  1. I love Haveit’s work too, Honour. He’s very inventive with his storytelling in these well-constructed towns and enclaves. I so enjoy his creativity and skill as a builder. His vision is often striking (even when it is portrayed more subtly) and I can’t wait to bop over to see this latest development!
    Thank you for this post – and all the others. I’ve been a bit “AFK,” but I always enjoy your blog!

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