A Pretty Distraction in Second Life

Hakoniwa (general)

I have all sorts of plans for my day – lots of tasks requiring focus and concentration. In the spirit of distraction and procrastination I spent some time on Hakoniwa.

Hakoniwa (general)

This is a part fantasy/part autumn build by Yazoo Rang, he of the Miniascape sim. There is lots of space to roam, relax, hide in the tall grass …. and he has a great gift to thank you for visiting.

Hakoniwa (general)

There is a forest where fall colours have yet to infiltrate and sweet little japanese style cabins. You can lose yourself, and time, exploring.

Hakoniwa (general)

I’ll try and convince myself that, since I took the reward in advance, I now have to work on the list of things that really should get done. :)

Hakoniwa (general)
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