Gruntled in Second Life

Harrowdale (moderate)

I began my day by following in Inara’s footsteps (which always proves to be the smart decision). The community of Harrowdale, based on The Forgotten Realms, was a perfect backdrop for my idle musings.

Harrowdale (moderate)

Languages which are actually used on a daily basis are constantly evolving. English, of course, is the victim of slang and laziness and there are many changes which I hate – “It’s so fun” is a good example. The word fun is a noun – using it as an adjective makes me shudder. Try substituting the word “entertainment” and you’ll see what I mean. I suspect that once my generation dies off there will be nobody who thinks it’s a problem.:)

Harrowdale (moderate)

On the other hand there are creative additions to the english vocabulary which I consider positive. Some bright spark in the 1930s addressed the 17th century term “disgruntled” and decided that the reverse, to be put in a good humour, would be “gruntled”.

I love this word – it feels good saying it and having a word that affects you in the same way it describes is delightful.

Harrowdale (moderate)

Because of its root, and the consonants used, it feels old and suitable for someplace like Harrowdale. It also describes what happens when I work through rezzing issues, or lag, or other technical difficulties to take images of places like this. Maybe SL could use it in their advertising ….. Get Gruntled. I do. :)

Harrowdale (moderate)
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