Pumpkins & Trauma & Second Life

Pumpkin Town (moderate)

I’m not asking for a medal or anything. In fact, I don’t even expect much appreciation for the enormous sacrifice I make at this time of year. I’ll just whine a little. :)

Pumpkin Town (moderate)

Halloween is NOT my thing – but it is a big, big deal on the grid. So for you, dear readers, I try and share a few seasonal destinations (then I recover with chocolate!). I think my aversion stems from severe psychological trauma resulting from the movie The Haunting↑ when I was an innocent, vulnerable child.

Pumpkin Town (moderate)

I had to visit a large number of themed sims at this time last year for various magazine articles and photo essays. My favourite was Pumpkin Town, and it’s back↑. Taylor Flanagan↑ has done another wonderful job and, although there are a lot of changes, it’s still orange and gorgeous.

Pumpkin Town (moderate)

One cute addition is that of some trick or treaters you’ll find wandering about. There are shops full of halloween goodies, free gifts, and scary movies run 24/7. Not too surprisingly, there are also pumpkins – lots and lots of pumpkins. Even the ghosts of pumpkins. :)

Pumpkin Town (moderate)
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  1. Your photos are, as usual, SO much better then mine. I had such a laggy fit on the sim and textures would NOT rez for me, or stay rezed.

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