The Memory Wasteland & Second Life

Fallout Wasteland (moderate)

It’s not that I think becoming “forgetful” is a natural consequence of age – although I have to say my ability to retrieve nouns from the organic database is way below acceptable. I just think that there’s so much stored in the brain at this point that some re-indexing would be a good idea.

Fallout Wasteland (moderate)

For once I managed to remember that it’s Tuesday and didn’t think I’d be posting – once restarts are underway it’s too frustrating trying to reach any of the places on my list. Turns out today the Lab decided not to update anything. I headed off to a location that Lizzie used as the backdrop for her latest 100 word story.

Fallout Wasteland (moderate)

I realized part way through my explorations that I’ve been there before. It’s not that I object to revisiting sims, I just would rather do it on purpose. :) I guess there are far too many of them in my aged memory to recall instantly.

Fallout Wasteland (moderate)

I still enjoyed myself and the rules that are in place – the most important of which, from my perspective, is that you’re not allowed to shoot customers near the store. You can guess where I stayed.

Rezzing is allowed, so you can travel the roads on your motorcycle or put out props for your photos. I’m going to try and come up with a fail-safe way of organizing my virtual and physical files so that I don’t have to rely on an apparently porous memory.

Fallout Wasteland (moderate)
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  1. Rhianon Jameson

     /  October 1, 2013

    Oh, is it just nouns with you? Consider yourself lucky. :)

  2. Well, such a place is not a bad one to re-visit, right Ms… errr… hummm… *scrolls up* Honour? :-)

  1. The Memory Wasteland & Second Life | Second...
  2. The Memory Wasteland & Second Life | Second...

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