At the Mercy of Mutant Electrons in Second Life

Caye Verte (moderate)

I was having a really good day. We were filming The Blackened Mirror and I got to be one of the featured extras in this episode. I had spent hours (and Lindens) on exactly the right skin and costume, and spent an extended time testing animations with the wizard who is creating them for the series.

It was getting closer to my scenes, and I was really excited, when I heard this loud guttural “oooooooom” through the open window at my back and everything went dark.

Caye Verte (moderate)

It wasn’t hard to figure out that either a Stargate had just opened or the big storm we were having had taken out the power. It only lasted a few minutes so I quickly logged back on and “oooooooom”, darkness. I had nothing.

Well almost nothing, it turns out my vocabulary hasn’t lost any of the more colourful entries from my time working on Arizona racetracks.

Caye Verte (moderate)

I have internet access disabled on my cell phone so I called my brother. He sent messages to Saffia and kept me informed about the progress being made to fix the problem. The Stargate must have opened on my block because, even as the number of affected households diminished, I remained without power for 7 hours.

It took me almost 4 to accept the fact that I couldn’t change the situation. I did spend a lot of time reflecting on our dependence on tiny little electrons which are just as susceptible to hangovers and mood swings as the rest of us. The bastards.

Caye Verte (moderate)

On a more positive note – I recently replaced my mouse. The old one just stopped right clicking, which seems to be something I do a lot of so it is an essential function. I did some research and learned that gaming mice are built to handle a lot of punishment and there was an entry level one that I could afford. I don’t plan to start shooting up starships (although taking out a Stargate is appealing), but I also liked the idea that it would assist with pixel-level accuracy when I’m editing photos. At least, that’s what I told myself.

I read a number of reviews that said it really does work well, even if it doesn’t have all the bling of the more expensive ones. One odd thing though – all of the reviews I read said that it was “a little small”. I checked, once I installed the little guy and found him to be a perfectly reasonable size, and each of those reviews were written by men. One presumes they all have big beefy hands. Women gamers, much like Goldilocks, will find it “just right”. :)

Caye Verte (moderate)
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  1. Inara Pey

     /  September 29, 2013

    Take out a Stargate?!

    Jaffa, Kree!


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