Slebrity, a Cautionary Tale in Second Life

SLebrity City (moderate)

It is easy to be blinded, my children, by the bright lights of Second Life. Temptation is everywhere and you might find yourselves longing for the glitz and glamour of the Slebrity life. It is not, however, all shopping and posing as a fashion icon.

SLebrity City (moderate)

Let me be among the voices to warn you of the dangers ….. the dark hole of damnation that awaits you once your time in the spotlight is over. For I have witnessed the home of former shining stars once their time has passed and they become the detritus of grid society.

SLebrity City (moderate)

Far from that elegant mansion on the ocean’s shore that once was your pride and joy, you will find yourselves begging for enough change to afford a sleazy motel room. I have seen the pathetic wretches, who couldn’t raise those funds, curled in corners of a miserable subway station.

SLebrity City (moderate)

The City entices you with degenerate Hip Hop and Reggae music. It tells you that romance and sycophantic adoration await you. Do not give in my children! You will find yourself joining the unwashed and unremembered on the streets, unable to acquire the latest skin or mesh bodypart. Seek not the glamour – a cold, lonely, filthy existence is the ultimate price of virtual fame.

SLebrity City (moderate)
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  1. That’s not posing.
    I’m holding still so I can kill with one shot with the sniper rifle.


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