Fall Colours, Cake, & Spare Change in Second Life

The Trace, The Celestial Realm (moderate)

It is now autumn in our northern-centric world and so a visit to see the fall colours on The Celestial Realm seemed timely. I’ll use this backdrop to share a couple of disparate odds & ends.

The Trace, The Celestial Realm (moderate)

Prim Perfect will be hosting a Cake Against Cancer coffee klatsch on Friday morning (September 27th). There will be Djs and coffee and cake (and coffee) and an opportunity to get some great recipes (did I mention coffee?) all in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Support project. This is a worthy cause, even if the company spells their name wrong. :)

You can submit a cake, with the recipe enclosed, and buy donated items and get their recipes. It’ll be a fun way to pass a few hours with congenial folks, good music, and the satisfaction of helping out this important initiative. In real life there will be similar events taking place all over the UK. Find out more on the Prim Perfect Blog.

The Trace, The Celestial Realm (moderate)

Gentle Heron↑ reminded me that this Friday and Saturday will be the dates for the Virtual Ability International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference. The schedule is packed with speakers and panels from around the world. This is the 3rd annual conference organized by one of the grid’s most active organizations and this year’s theme is “Let Me In”.

I wish the press would show up to events like this conference, but I guess if it doesn’t scream “Second Life is all about sex!” then it’s not worth their while. You should check it out though, I’m looking forward to it.

The Trace, The Celestial Realm (moderate)

As I was camming around the sim this morning I got a message from an old, long dormant group. It was addressed to “My Friends” and asked for a 24 hour loan of almost L$3,000 to pay tier. This reminded me of the first time I received a solicitation for funds.

It was many years ago, when unregulated gambling was still prevalent on the grid. Some stranger landed on my parcel and asked me for L$90,000 to stake him at blackjack. He assured me I’d get my money back and half his winnings (apparently he had figured out how to beat the house). When I said “no” he was shocked and argued with me for an hour (which I found amusing). I’ve often wondered whatever happened to him. :)

If you’ve got spare change hanging around, I think you’d be better off using it to buy cake.

The Trace, The Celestial Realm (moderate)
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  1. Fall Colours, Cake, & Spare Change in Secon...
  2. Fall Colours, Cake, & Spare Change in Secon...

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