Mea Innocentia in Second Life

Puyo Puyo (moderate)

I had a mental debate between Good Uptight Honour and What the Hell Honour about sharing this destination. Apparently the latter won. :) If you’re a fan of a small anthropomorphic mammal↑, who has saved earth on multiple locations, then I think you’ll enjoy this sim.

Puyo Puyo (moderate)

I have to admit to knowing little except his name, but I had fun. My abysmal ignorance about gaming meant that, although I wore the HUD, I scored nothing/zip/nada/zero.

Puyo Puyo (moderate)

My hesitation was, of course, related to the question regarding whether or not the owners of our little hero approve of this (let’s call it an) homage. I have no evidence to support any assumptions I might make.

Puyo Puyo (moderate)

In addition to the funky landscape, and games, there is a marketplace with various vendors of avatars and accessories. I suspect there are issues in there as well, but that’s just my paranoia – this is hardly my area of expertise.

What I can tell you is that it’s a really cool build. Just don’t include me in any lawsuits. :p

Puyo Puyo (moderate)
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  1. Honour, I love your posts! You always have great “off the beaten path” sims :) Can’t wait to go check this one out!

  2. My, but that was silly :) I too have no real knowledge of the critter in question but the build is VERY different!

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