Adding to my Second Life Blogroll

Alki (moderate)

More water today from a sim that brings part of my area of the world to Second Life. Americans like to refer to it as the Pacific Northwest, however we Canadians know that it is, in fact, the Pacific Southwest. :)

Alki (moderate)

I want to remind you to check out the sites on my blogroll. I fell in love with the images from this post called Silver Birch Road by Loverdag. I didn’t want to try and measure up to what she did so, although I was very tempted, that is not today’s location.

Alki (moderate)

I’ve added two new blogs to the roll. The first is someone I envy and plan to try to become when I grow up – Karro Lean. Her photos are always exceptional – she has a great gift and huge talent.

Alki (moderate)

The second one I added is that of a true Intrepid Explorer. Icarus Fallen has been walking across the mainland for some time now and has visited 533 sims todate. He has specific rules about the journey and a dedication I admire.

All of those on my blogroll inspire me – please check them out, you’ll be glad you did.

Alki (moderate)
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  1. We’re a geographically-challenged bunch down here, south of the border. :)

  2. Great additions!

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