Dancing Naked in the Second Life Sun

Amazon River (adult)

Before anybody can accuse me of going “windlight photo bitch” on this sim, let me assure you that I’m using the region default settings. :)

Amazon River (adult)

The Amazon River is an adult region with sandy beaches, a dense jungle/forest, ruins which include statues of elephants (It’s Second Life, we can do what we want), various buildings, and a great many spots for picnics. At least that’s what I decided people were probably doing.

Amazon River (adult)

The land description invites visitors to go swimming in the nude. I have to admit that, even if I was so inclined, I’d have a small problem skinny dipping in water named after the Amazon. Perhaps the risk is part of the appeal.

Amazon River (adult)

I didn’t see any fearless bathers, but did encounter some sun worshiping dancers. Not about to share that view, I’ll just include a still-life of some pottery. The sim is very well done and nobody gave me grief for keeping my clothes on. :)

Amazon River (adult)
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  1. The title is misleading, I was expecting to see a naked Honour in this post. I protest! Beautiful pics though. <3

  2. “Picnics,” eh? Well, anything’s possible. :)

  3. caramia Mizin

     /  September 18, 2013

    Beautiful pics honor , I shall have to visit in my Bikini (or topless)!!

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