My Idea of a “Shiny Thing” in Second Life

Belegaer (moderate)

That magical group of sims known as Calas Galadhon Park has re-opened. The even better news is that, having considered the possibility of limiting access to group members only, they’ve decided to keep the sims “public”.

Belegaer (moderate)

I decided to celebrate by exploring Belegaer, but I had a problem focusing. The sim is fabulous – as are all of them – but I could see Gulf of Lune. I mean, it’s right there!

Belegaer (moderate)

The first time I ventured into Calas Galadhon and saw the marsh, and the birds, and that bridge, is also the first time I really wished I could take a photograph as beautiful as the view.

Gulf of Lune (moderate)

I’m still trying and will probably always just be inching ever closer. In the meantime, if you’ve ever wondered why landscapes are my passion – go visit. If you enjoy it – do leave a donation!

One last thing today, in the immortal words of Wil Wheaton, “Don’t be a dick!”. I hate whenever a sim owner has to close their location to the public just to avoid the hassles caused by idiots. I hope this Park is never forced to do so. :)

Gulf of Lune (moderate)
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  1. Truly these sims are a jewel of second life, and so are the owners

  2. Is the couple danceball in Misty Mountains still there? It was always a guilty pleasure for me just dancing the time away with my loved one instead of exploring and doing photos.

  3. LOL I haven’t gotten that far yet :) You’ll have to go find out!

  4. Thank you for a beautiful post, Honour … even with the occasional idiot showing up, our guests who truly enjoy and appreciate the experience we’ve created more than make up for it. ;) An yes Orca .. the couples danceball ( the intans) can be found on all of the 11 sims that remain in the park. I think Truck even added more ..almost 70 to choose from…lol We are crazy I know…but good crazy ..:P thanks again

  5. Anjuni Jayaram

     /  September 8, 2013

    Ty, we all LOVE the crazyness of you two, and Honour, thank you for those beautiful pictures of one of Second Life’s true jewels :)

  6. Beautiful pictures Honour….and thank you for the very kind words. And as Ty says, there are numerous intans on all the sims,usually near a great spot to dance. They have different shapes on different sims, but run your cursor around and you will find them. Most are on poles or railings, and yes there are a lot of dances in them..haha. It is because of people like you Honour, and the many people that enjoy Calas that we do what we do. We consider our guests family and hope that when they visit, they feel that. Again, thanks to you and to everyone that enjoys Calas. You make it all worthwhile.

  7. big hugs to both of you :)

  8. I’ve barely scratched the surface on these sims. I visited three and went into sensory overload, they are just so…so. I am planning on visiting just a couple of a time so I can savour the occasion.

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