Nordic Sand in Second Life

Binimist (adult)

I was scrolling through Ziki’s blog the other day and saw her post about a new beach in Second Life. This one has a lovely nordic feel to it – with a few special inworld twists.

Binimist (adult)

It’s an adult sim, but I saw no naked people running around with viking helmets. I suppose you could do that if you wanted. :)

Binimist (adult)

It’s a great place for photographers – you can rez there, at least until somebody abuses the privilege and the owner shuts that down.

It’s also great for couples or people who want to find someplace to sit and ponder.

Binimist (adult)

We haven’t had any music in a post for a while and I think it’s time to get the blood pumping again. So, for your enjoyment, the late JJ Cale:

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