Livio’s Soul, Musiclandia in Second Life

Musiclandia (general)

It was not quite two weeks ago. It had been a very long day, which had ended with a 5 hour Skype meeting, and I was tired and (perhaps) cranky. I had promised Livio Korobase that I would drop in to see his work-in-progress, Musiclandia.

In addition to fatigue, I was a little nervous. We’d had a slight difference of opinion about him applying for a Linden Endowment for the Arts Grant, he was a wee bit reluctant – this would be the largest work he’d ever attempted. What if I didn’t like it?

Musiclandia (general)

When I landed and looked around, I started to smile and my mood improved significantly. I was in love. Delight doesn’t even begin to express how pleased I am with what he’s done.

If you know Livio then the subject of this work will not come as a surprise. For those who don’t know him, let me just say that a scientist trying to map his DNA will find chromosomes in the shape of musical notes. He is addicted to music. It is the focus of his Second Life and a passion that sustains him in whatever he does – painting, building, breathing.

Musiclandia (general)

Musiclandia is a celebration of the importance of music in all our lives: its power to lift and to heal; its ability to bring out your sense of fun; the way it can compel you to dance just because of the joy it brings.

The build is large and complex in the sense that there are so many things to see and do. Climb around, explore the works, play them and play on them. It’s also beautiful – the textures and the creations are fabulous. Most are by Livio himself, some he’s added from other artists and they work together in harmony (get it? harmony?).

Musiclandia (general)

When I went back to take these images this morning I found a number of avatars enjoying the sim. Many of them were brand new residents. How cool is it that somebody’s early exposure to the possibilities and potential of our world is through an immersive work of art such as this one? This is the type of thing that will help people decide to stay.

The newbies, and older visitors as well, quickly discovered the kites that will allow you to float around the various areas (if you’d rather not walk). It pleases Livio to see people not only embracing what he’s created but using it the way he intended.

Musiclandia (general)

I told you that Livio’s passion is music – he and his friends have a club called CBGB, you’ll see echoes of it in one location on the sim. He hasn’t scheduled anything, yet. He muttered something about maybe having special events – I’d bet on it. :)

One of the visitors to Musiclandia yesterday was another favourite artist of mine – Eupalinos Ugajin. Eupa has created a short video of himself exploring and enjoying this build as it’s meant to be. This does a much better job than I have of explaining how wonderful this exhibit is. Watch and then go visit. You’ll be very glad you did!

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