Lust & SuperPowers in Second Life

Tokyo 3.1 (moderate)

I had way too much fun this morning, but I convinced myself that I deserved it. Ziki had blogged about some changes to the Lust sim and, since I’ve been thinking about looking for a new urban area, it seemed like fate.

I’d show you the “before” pictures I took on my last visit, however my carefully thought-out filing system has failed me (I Know! I’m shocked as well.) If you’d like to roleplay in a futuristic Tokyo, this is the spot for you. If you just want to explore and take some photos, then I’d say this is perfect for that as well.

Tokyo 3.1 (moderate)

As for why I deserved some fun, well that’s going to take a bit of explaining. Luckily I have a few extra pics to keep you from falling asleep.

Back in my consulting days, I was known as the person who could break your new system. It wasn’t part of my job, it was more like a super-talent that Project Managers would call on when they were in the final stages of testing. For some reason, when I carried out perfectly normal tasks, impossible things would happen. I once made a Lotus Spreadsheet create a graph that the engineers said was inconceivable – there’s no way that it would draw a line that went backwards. Ha!

Tokyo 3.1 (moderate)

With that in mind, consider my experience yesterday with Skype. I was assured, by very competent, experienced, knowledgeable individuals, that I would be able to handle multiple group calls at the same time. In theory (I say “theory” because I hadn’t attempted this before) when I joined a second call the first would be put on hold. Then, I could move back and forward between them – holding and restoring as necessary.

In practice things got very strange.

Tokyo 3.1 (moderate)

I had one group set up, chatting amongst themselves, and went back to another. Skype did put the call I left on hold, but not for me. It put a perfectly innocent participant in a holding pattern and left me active IN TWO CALLS.

I was supposed to keep silent in the second call – the problem was, if I tried to say something in the first they could all hear me. sigh

I could hear everything going on in both “rooms”. Imagine if you were having the soundtrack of two completely different movies playing through your headphones at the same time.

Tokyo 3.1 (moderate)

I was really nervous about adding any more people to that call that was supposed to be on hold, so I wound up juggling 5 inworld IM chats at the same time. Understand, I was working – as were the 25 or so other people – it wasn’t like I could say “screw it” and go read a book.

People kept telling me that what was happening was “impossible”. I’ve heard that before! These days my super-talent is only used to mess up MY work on MY computer. Well it was – now apparently, using tools to facilitate cooperative projects involving individuals from around the globe means that I’m messing with the lives of many.

Tokyo 3.1 (moderate)

I’m used to creating workarounds for my usual issues – it’s not a big deal. After decades of living with glitches that my powers create I can handle it. Maybe I should come with a warning.

This power of mine manifests itself everytime I get an SL Viewer update – it’s cool, I can make it work. As a side note, on that topic, the new Materials Project Beta is a delight. Often when I update to a new one, and try to take large photos, things go wonky – today’s version didn’t slow down to a crawl or crash. In fact it seemed to be able to handle everything I tried to do. Once I got past the “things Honour has to do to make stuff work” part. :)

Tokyo 3.1 (moderate)
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