Disco Carnival Zombies in Second Life

DeadPool (moderate)

If you are one of those people who have a phobia about clowns – turn away now! Just skip this post.

I keep running into some really creepy examples of the supposedly light hearted members of this profession. I finally decided to share a photograph of one.

DeadPool (moderate)

Today’s destination is DeadPool, a 70s carnival that was somehow abandoned and became a habitat for fun-loving zombies (that might be an oxymoron, just go with it). I never actually saw one of the undead on roller skates, but I admit I was trying to avoid all of them so anything could be going on.

DeadPool (moderate)

There is a club on the sim, with DJs, however the more adventurous of you might like to explore. I’m not kidding about the creepiness of the clowns – this is your last chance to get out of here before your worst nightmares come true. That’s one in the distance.

DeadPool (moderate)

I’m not sure what the grid’s recent fascination is with these guys – he’s not somebody I plan to invite over for dinner. At least I captured him in something other than the dark, moody, windlight that is his normal environment. I’m not sure it helps. :)

DeadPool (moderate)
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