A Safe Visit to Dark Roleplay in Second Life

Wendigo Lake (adult)

I received a very nice message yesterday from a blogger friend. What she said was something like “You should check out Wendigo Lake“. What she probably ought to have said is “What’s wrong with you? Everybody is raving about this place!  Why haven’t you gone there yet?”.

My only excuse is that I’ve been distracted. However, I made it this morning and it’s one of those glorious builds that you should check out.

Wendigo Lake (adult)

This is an adult roleplay area that’s just entered the beta phase – so it’s still available for us tourists. The creator is Jon Vetinari, who you might remember was the owner of Shady Falls.

If you’re looking for an new dark roleplay opportunity, this one is for “intelligent adults featuring subtle supernatural elements in an immersive setting“. They will “allow for humans, vampires, sidhe & changelings, werewolves and wanderers (ghosts bound to human forms eternally) as races” and the lore is based, mostly, on World of Darkness.

Wendigo Lake (adult)

The various info notecards included this warning: “The roleplay may sometimes be adult and dark in nature and may not be appropriate for all players as it includes graphically violent and sexual themes.” Again, this area is in beta so it’s safe for those of us who just want to explore without worrying about storylines, for the moment anyway.

Wendigo Lake (adult)

The build is really well done and, from a photographer’s point of view, the textures are fantastic. They are heavy, but I’m guessing that roleplayers keep their view distance down. That would help with the lag – I just enjoyed the visuals. The details are wonderful, in fact I had to work hard to stop focusing on tiny things and try to give you at least a couple of larger shots. :)

Wendigo Lake (adult)
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  1. Beautiful photographs!

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