An Idiot Falls on her Sword in Second Life

Bitacora (moderate)

By now you know that one of my favourite travel blogs is Bitacora Viajera. They recently opened their own sim and it’s wonderful. Don’t take my word for it though, if you check out their photos you’ll get a much better idea of what they’ve built.

Bitacora (moderate)

I spent my time playing with Windlight (of course) and thinking – and yes, the latter was painful. A comment on one of my recent posts made me realize I’d done something really stupid and it’s been bothering me. A lot.

I don’t know if it’s because of my age & early indoctrination, or lazy ignorance, or just thoughtlessness. But it was stupid.

Bitacora (moderate)

I had responded to a request for more “testosterone friendly” locations by finding a really cool Motorcycle Club. I also, partly because I’d just posted something vaguely Gor related, made sure to check that it was female friendly as well. My title referred to the “manly” side of Second Life.

This was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. For decades my friends and I have referred to the love of big power tools and trucks/bikes/hot rods, as “manly” obsessions. It all goes back to the “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche” satire from the early 80s.

Bitacora (moderate)

That post totally ignored the fact that nobody can read my mind and, therefore, wouldn’t know why I used the term. It also ignored the fact that all testosterone-filled individuals are not interested in women “that way”. D’uh.

I mean that, for example, Gayhaven, Octagium, Silver Sea, and Trailer Park are definitely testosterone friendly (and manly), but not heterosexual. My brain almost exploded trying to think of ways to label things (such as GTF for gay testosterone friendly & STF for straight etc., then there’s estrogen, and furry, and OMG robots, etc., etc., etc.,).

I finally decided just to stay away from deliberately trying to target my explorations. I’ll just go where I go and hope somebody thinks it looks interesting. If I avoid labels all together maybe I can avoid being an idiot – at least in this area. :p

Bitacora (moderate)
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  1. Methinks you’re too hard on yourself. Without specifically thinking of the “Quiche” book, I thought the intent of your earlier post was crystal clear. When we write, we often use linguistic shorthand to convey meaning. Various “manly” obsessions have become so ingrained in our cultural language that, for example, TV sitcoms can use those tropes without explanation. (Heck, the entire premise of the Tim Allen show of some years back relied on the audience understanding the cliche of what constitutes “manly” work.) That doesn’t mean there aren’t men uninterested in tools, etc., or that there aren’t women interested in such. So no seppuku!

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