Yordie Does Geisha in Second Life

Harvest Moon Cafe (moderate)

One of the great side benefits of blogging is that you “meet” other bloggers. I could be slightly less than objective about this, but I think they’re some of the nicest people on the grid. :)

Harvest Moon Cafe (moderate)

A good example is Yordie Sands. She doesn’t just blog and take great photographs, of course, she also imagines/creates inworld builds – such as the current result of months of work on her home, The Harvest Moon Cafe.

Harvest Moon Cafe (moderate)

In addition to everything else she is and does, Yordie writes stories. One of her projects involves Geisha and this creation allows her to immerse herself in that world and to share some of it. This build is her ode to the gentility of a Geisha House – and it’s gorgeous!

Harvest Moon Cafe (moderate)

Yordie took the desire to establish the atmosphere and ambiance an additional step and has been performing a Geisha dance demonstration accompanied by her alt on the koto.

The build will only be around until this Saturday – I suggest you go see it while you can.

Harvest Moon Cafe (moderate)
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  1. Hi Honour … I love the photos and your kind words. My fascination with the Japanese and Asian culture and way of life is hard to explain but year after year, I continue to try and express my feelings though builds, roleplay and stories.

    Sharing this latest build has been a joy and my mini-performances has been a joy. I’m tempted to make my next project a complete Japanese village with my regular features, also some houses, stores and a proper okiya for geisha, but time will tell.

    I’m so happy you had a chance to check it out and that you enjoyed it. Btw, I love your photo #4 overlooking the Zen garden from the treetops! I showed your post to my best friend and she love that one especially also. It’s always a thrill to see places you’ve visited through your special lens.

    Kindest regards,


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