Her World, Her Soul – Armelle Bonetto In Second Life

My World, My Soul (moderate)

It was one of those random mornings that I love about the grid. I refuse to try and explain how I wound up on Rainbow Cove, but then I have a policy of not explaining anything that happens before I’m awake.

My World, My Soul (moderate)

What I found was a sim-wide installation by Armelle Bonetto called My World, My Soul. This is her first exhibit inworld and I’m really glad I happened upon it.

My World, My Soul (moderate)

Armelle is a very talented photographer. This display of her photos (her Soul) is surrounded by a glorious landscape (her World) full of vignettes that tell stories and encourage us to think of our own.

My World, My Soul (moderate)

I’m not showing you her art, it seemed rude to take photographs of photographs, but I hope you can see that the surroundings themselves are worth your time. The images she displays are wonderful, and personal, and reveal a lot about her. She’s over 6 years old, I’m glad she finally decided to share her work with the rest of us. :)

My World, My Soul (moderate)
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