Venturing Into The More Manly Side of Second Life

Fallen MC (adult)

I know, three adult locations in a row is unusual for me – it wasn’t exactly planned. :) 

Today’s destination is in response to a message I received from somebody who assures me that they’re a regular reader. “However,” he said, “art and flowers are very nice, but could you share some more testosterone-friendly places?”

Fallen MC (adult)

It’s quite true that I don’t often visit, what might be considered, the more manly side of the grid. In my own defense, it’s because I invariably get shot and killed as soon as I land on one.

Today’s sim proved to be an exception – and I firmly believe that a Motorcycle Club qualifies as “testosterone-friendly”.

Fallen MC (adult)

Having said that, this Club has women in officer positions. I spoke to one of them who assured me that there is no rape etc., but that it’s definitely “manly”. It’s just also open and welcoming to women who are interested in this type of thing as well.

Fallen MC (adult)

This is also a gorgeous build and should be inviting to those of you who prefer a “dark” landscape. If you’re a hunky guy who wants to feel part of a “band of brothers”, or a woman who’d like to be part of a group with manly males, this is definitely a place to check out.

I’ll try and venture into more of these locations in the future. ;)

Fallen MC (adult)
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  1. David Cartier

     /  August 19, 2013

    I’m not sure that it’s all that constructive
    to reassure your dear readers that not all male-oriented areas involve forced rape. There are a lot of men who don’t want women or even female avatars about. That doesn’t make them mysogynists, it just means they’re homosexual.

    • um, OK but I don’t think not wanting women around guarantees that they’re homosexual. :)

      Oh and thank you for pointing out that I fell into the trap of using the term “forced rape” which, of course, is redundant. I fixed it :)

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